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Volunteer Experience Survey: Turning feedback into actions

Last year, we asked our befrienders to complete a Volunteer Experience Survey to gain insights into how we can continue to provide the best possible support for our befriending pairings. We would like to thank everyone who participated.

Read on to find out how b:friend turns volunteer feedback into actions.

1. Streamlined volunteer check-ins

We are soon introducing a new, more refined check-in process, with a mixture of scheduled check-ins, calls and quick online surveys. These will allow us to keep in touch with our volunteers regularly, provide support, and measure the impact of the befriending.

2. More opportunities to get together

Our volunteers were keen to connect more with other befrienders. We love bringing people together, so we have doubled the number of b:friend Volunteer Socials for this year. Check out our upcoming events here.

3. More formal feedback options and ways to get involved

We have formed Friends of b:friend, a consultation group of b:friend’s volunteers and older neighbours. The group meets quarterly online to help shape the charity’s work. 

If you are a b:friend volunteer, have a befriender or attend one of our Social Clubs and would like to join the group, get in touch here.

We are also creating more quick and simple ways for our befrienders to give feedback or share their experiences with us via online surveys and as part of our new check-in process.

4, Renewed boundaries & expectations information

We have assessed and tweaked our guidance on befriending boundaries and expectations. We produced new materials and resources that volunteers and older neighbours can access at different points of their befriending journey. These ensure our pairings are protected, and can enjoy their friendship for many years to come.

5. Communicating about the things that matter

We listened to our volunteers about their motivations for signing up and continuing to befriend in the long term. This feedback will help inform our Communications Strategy so we can reach more befrienders and connect them with isolated older neighbours. 

Our volunteers also told us what they would like to hear more about regularly. We are introducing more features on our social media channels and in our newsletter, such as monthly befriending success stories, behind-the-scenes staff content, and updates on what our Social Clubs have been up to. 

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