‘Worth their weight in gold’ | Volunteers’ Week


Blog written by Social Club Coordinator, Angela:

I coordinate b:Friend’s Denaby Social Club and am very fortunate that I have two lovely volunteers that come along to the group and help wherever they can to ensure a smooth running of the group.

We are a team and a team that’s works well together.

There is lots to do at a group. Preparing the room and getting all the refreshments & cakes ready, putting on the lively music and ensuring the activities are organised and all set to be given out when needed; all of this prior to the older neighbours coming. Once the members start coming, greeting them as they come through the door, making cuppas, chatting with them and giving them a listening ear. It’s all hustle and bustle at first when the members arrive, each asking each other across the table how they are whilst they are taking their coats off, then sitting and settling down with a cuppa, amongst friends whilst the many conversations continue on.

The room comes alive within minutes with all the chatter on various topics. We will then deliver some form of activity. Whether it be a quiz, guest speaker, games or challenge, whatever it may be you can guarantee we always have fun.

The 2 hours soon pass and everyone leaves with smiles on their faces after having an enjoyable morning. The jobs don’t stop there… we then see to the washing up and everything is neatly put away for the following week when we do it all over again. Our older neighbours love their Thursday mornings and we love ours too!


We all know that Social Clubs are important for our older neighbours, they are somewhere where they can come along and make new friends, engage in stimulating conversations, participate in quizzes, reminisce about days gone by, have a laugh and a joke, go on outings & day trips, be spoken and listened to and more importantly feel less isolated and alone.

I admire volunteers, they give something that can never be given back; their time and they do so freely. Volunteers are worth their weight in gold and our volunteers play a vital part of our social clubs. All our volunteers are fantastic and it’s important to acknowledge that without volunteers, we couldn’t possibly run our Social Clubs as successfully as we do without them – I know I certainly couldn’t without mine!


If you’d like to join a b:Friend Social Club, they currently run weekly in: Thorne, Mexborough, Rossington, Wheatley Hill and in Denaby (with Angela).

For more info, please email: info@letsbfriend.org.uk


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