My friend, Hazel | Volunteers’ Week

Written by befriender, Julie:


I knew I wanted to get involved with volunteering when my own mum would say she was so bored and lonely. I remember thinking that she has me visiting her almost every day and carers coming too.

It made me think of all the lonely and isolated people who have no one at all – days must turn into weeks without anyone to talk to. Even older people with large families may be forgotten about so when I saw the b:Friend charity I knew I wanted to get involved.

I’m so glad I’ve met Hazel. At the time we first met she had recently lost her husband, and I’d just lost my mum, so we were able to help each other through some sad times, laughing and reminiscing.

We always have things to talk about – there are never any awkward silences. I look forward to my visits every week and always leave feeling happy – and I know Hazel is the same. She now has something to break up the week and, at 88 years old, she has a lot of life experience and there’s loads I’ve learned from her.

Becoming a volunteer has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done and I hope to continue. I just wish I could visit more people – it costs nothing to make someone smile 😊.

>> Tea & cake
>> Smiles & laughter
>> Heart-warming stories to remember forever

Ever considered volunteering an hour a week to befriend an isolated older neighbour? Join Julie and many others in Doncaster & become a befriender!


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